EB Davis & PMD Blues Band

The PMD Blues Band / Pecuh-Hungary / celebrates its 30th anniversary at the Jerry Ricks Blues Festival. They were chosen by EB Davis as a supporting band in Hungary for 25 years. He comes from Memphis, has been living in Berlin for 40 years and working with his EB Davis & The Superband. The second most important band is the PMD Blues Band / PMD is the acronym – Pécsi Magasfúik Dalárdája – as the Tall Boys Coral Society. At the time of its formation, they were three tall musicians two metres tall, but now there are only two of them so tall – father and son of Black Kalman Attila Fekete. EB Davis is already a member of the PMD family. EB’s powerful and spectacular performance always attracts audience.

They come to the festival with great formations, with three puff musicians who have been co-operating at some great festivals for 25 years already. They have many of their own creations, with music written by PMD with lyrics by EB Davis. But they have also played with blues giants like Muddy Waters, B.B King, Albert King, Albert Collins and so on. EB Davis – vocal, Kálmán Fekete – piano / organ, Katona “Father” Tamás – guitar, Balázs Berény – harp, Attila Fekete – bass, Tamás Schimek – drums, Brass: Horváth Zoltán – trumpet, András Horváth – trumpet, Csák István – trombone.