Grapevine Babies

Grapevine Babies is a funk band from Rijeka. Over time and constant change within the band members, the band has come to its present form with 12 musicians. The front man and guitarist Luka Adzic-Kapitanovic, is responsible for arranging songs and lyrics. The ones responsible for the bends’s groove are drummer Kristijan Baljarevski, percussionist Ivan Polonija and bassist Antonio Frlan. They are secured by a trumpet line with trumpeter Krešimir Kunda, trombonist Petar Tepšić, saxophone player Franjo Črnjarić and alt saxophone player Petra Zoretić. On solo guitar, Dario Arifović is in charge, and three vocalists – Lucija Morić, Dana Adžić-Kapitanović and Katja Kovacs, give the soul topping to the band’s sound.

The energetic funky reefs, unusual rhythms and harmony, and fierce rock solos are just a part of the arsenal of the opus that offers a blend of these minds, inspired by various genres and performers such as the Funkadelic & Parliament, Frank Zappa, RHCP, Stevie Wonder, Talking Heads, Sly and the Family Stone and many others.
So far, they have performed at many festivals throughout the region and at the “INmusic Festival”. They have shared the stage with renowned Croatian musicians such as Josipe Lisac, Songkillers, Belfast Food, Jonathan and others.