Michael Messer (Host)

He is one of the most respected slide guitarists and a double winner of the BBC award. His latest album, produced with Indian musicians, makes outstanding scores on blues charts around the world.

Michael Messer is a British musician listed by the American magazine Spirit as one of the greatest slide guitarists, alongside Ry Cooder and Douane Allman. He was highly esteemed by the great Johnny Cash, who honoured him by writing liner notes for his album Rhythm Oil (which he had only done for Bob Dylan’s classic album Nashville Skyline before then). Michael’s albums have found their place in various international charts, often reaching the top, such as his album King Guitar, which reached number one in the US Living Blues Chart. In Texas, his album Rhythm Oil was awarded as the Import Album of the Year, and his most recent album, Michael Messer’s Mitra, where Messer performs with two renowned Indian musicians playing classical Hindustani music, was the number one album on iTunes for a long period of time.