Riccardo Staraj & Midnight Blues Band

Riccardo Staraj & his Midnight Blues Band create a symbiosis of a concert, theatre, video art and performance for its audience. An established concert company headed by Riccardo Staraj on stage throughout Croatia and Europe brings an interesting mix of jazz, blues and rock programs combined with Staraj´s poetry, that is pronounced or sung in a very expressive way, as well as an elaboration of legendary performers such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, The Blues Brothers and The Rolling Stones.

The band’s permanent appearance consists of five original members often joined by guest musicians such as Bruno Mičetić, Joe Kaplowitz, Lela Kaplowitz, Tomislav Goluban …The band has released four albums, most notably Midnight Man in the release of Menarta, while the last album ‘How are things going’ was released last year. In addition to music releases, band frontman and songwriter, Riccardo Staraj has published 12 books including 8 poems, monographs, and short story books. The Midnight Blues Band is an interesting multimedia story accompanied by video art featuring American views which Staraj recorded in the US where he spent part of his youth crossing over the continent several times, collecting experiences, recording, shooting… Alongside Riccardo Staraj is the artistic director of the Jerry Rick’s Blues Festival.